Procar Dent Removals lead technician Kevin Reilly has been lucky enough to work throughout Europe alongside some of the best European technicians in cities such as Basel, Switzerland where he worked for BMW, Mini, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler dealerships in 2005 repairing hail damaged vehicles. Having enjoyed travelling, in 2008 he returned to Europe after a hail storm hit Eisenstadt, Austria where he worked repairing a multitude of hail damaged vehicles. Kevin contracted to VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot and Volvo dealerships where he gained valuable experience from leading technicians in the field and exposure to a variety of car manufacturers.

In Australia, Kevin has extensive experience repairing hail damaged cars for dealerships and panel shops spanning the east coast of Australia. Needless to say hail damage is our speciality. Procar Dent Removals deliver world class tradesmanship, using the latest technology our industry has to offer. We are also one of the best at repairing damage other companies think cannot be repaired.

It takes years of training and dedication to become a competent PDR technician. Procar Dent Removals have dedicated over 15 years to the trade, and deliver world class tradesmanship as a result. Have a look at our before and after photos to see the high standards for yourself. When using Procar Dent Removals your satisfaction will be guaranteed.